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About Mary Claire

For years I have helped businesses,organizations, and individuals tell their stories with portraits they want the world to see.

In my studio in Richmond, or at your business, or a meaningful outdoor location,I work with you to create images that truly reflect your mission, brand, and most sought-after business goals.

Need a portrait for you, your family, or your graduating senior? We can work together to create beautiful images that will become cherished family keepsakes.

From a blog about bringing your best self to a photo session:

"Best way to bring your best self to a portrait session? Bring your best self. Nothing is more important than your attitude. As I mentioned in the last blog,try to leave any limiting judgement about yourself at home. It doesn’t serve you or your goal of getting a strong portrait. Focus on the things you like about yourself and on the amazing things you have accomplished with your hard work. Think about what drives you to do the work you love.What makes you happy? What makes you proud?

That pride and joy comes through in photographs and makes for a successful image. Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself. Viewers and potential clients appreciate authenticity and value someone who is not afraid to be real.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Very few of us have a perfect face, or eyes or skin. We know that those perfect bodies we see in magazines or social media are made to look that way with make up, clothing, and photo editing. What is missing in those perfect faces, is the strength and pride of someone who has recently been promoted. Or the wisdom and energy of a successful business owner. And the joy and excitement of someone starting out on a new adventure. These are the faces I see when people come to their portrait sessions willing to focus on the positive and celebrate themselves.

With a little preparation, some collaboration, a little attitude adjustment, and some thought about how to tell your story, you can bring your best self to your next photo session."

802-434-2312 or e-mail me using the Contact Page.

My photo was taken by Karen Pike of Karen Pike Photography.

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