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A Vermont Photographer's Thoughts

Winter textures...   March 14, 2012

Winter textures...

At this time of year I usually take my camera out in the woods to capture the transformation caused by winter snows on the landscape. Needless to say this year that has been tough to capture. I have been getting outside, but I began to look at other ways to photograph winter. During one walk I was intrigued by the late day light in the woods. Recently I was intrigued by textures and patterns. A few weeks ago I took a walk at my favorite nature center in Huntington. The Audubon Center still uses pails to collect much its sap for its maple syrup. I could not resist photographing the smooth texture of the pail in contrast to lovely rough bark of the old maples. I was intrigued by the patterns of the sun on the textured spring snow. I loved the way the sun shaped and highlighted the texture of a birch tree.

Next time you are out for a walk with your camera look closely at the textures and patterns around you. What is intriguing about this exercise is that it has you looking close up at things but also backing away and taking a broader view of your surroundings. Have fun.

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